Unmotivated, Lazy, Overweight

It’s pretty easy to fall off the fitness train.  Especially when the seasons are changing…
Not long ago, were you motivated, energized, eating healthy and working out regularly?  Did you slowly start skipping workouts, start gaining weight, and start falling off your perfect eating plan?  I can relate.  (Yes I am a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean I’m always perfect with my fitness!)

Here are some reasons you may be feeling unmotivated, lazy and overweight…and ways to get back to the old you!

  1. You are NOT moving enough.
    In todays society, we are sitting during meetings, sitting when we get home, sitting while we eat meals, and relaxing on the couch at the end of a long work day.  Sitting only makes us less energetic.  Sure, there’s a time and place for rest, but during the day, our bodies need to get up and move.  That’s what we are meant to do!  Try having your meetings outside with your business partner or client, and coming back to the office to jot down notes when you’re done.  We actually think better when our blood is flowing, and ideas may come easier.  Before you sit down on the couch for the evening, go for a moderate stroll around the neighborhood after eating dinner.  It will help with your digestion and make for a great sleep!  Try setting alarms on your phone for every hour to get up from your desk, do some squats, stretches and jumps.  It will not only keep you moving throughout the day, but also help you with weight loss, and keep you awake and alert for your work day.
  2. You are DEHYDRATED.
    How many times do you fill up a glass or water bottle during the day?  If you said less than 8 times, you may be dehydrated.  Our bodies can need up to 2 litres of water per day!  Keeping hydrated will help keep you alert, help you from retaining water and help you wave off cravings.  Try downloading an app on your phone that reminds you to drink water.  Or, set a timer to beep every 20 minutes or so to remind you to take a sip!  May be annoying for awhile, but will get you in the habit of keeping hydrated.
  3. You aren’t FUELING properly
    Properly fueling your body is incredibly important for energy levels.  What percentage of your daily food intake comes in a package?  How much of it contains more that 5 or 10 g of sugar?  Try snacking on things like raw almonds, fresh vegetables, fruits in moderation, home made muffins and hummus/yogurt/cottage cheese.  Make sure you are getting around 1g of protein per pound of body weight, healthy fats, and whole, unproessed carbohydrates.  I always recommend seeing a nuritionest to have an insight on nutrients your body needs.   It’s really easy to forget things, overeat and even undereat in some cases.  To be at a healthy body weight, we need to take in a specific amount of each macro and micro nutrient!

    Well, there it is folks.  Some reasons you may be feeling unmotivated, lazy and overweight!

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