vitamin d

The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness

Summer is VERY quickly approaching.  That means patio drinks and food, 30 degree humid weather, and sometimes some unnecessary weight gain and unhealthy habits…But that doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness go.
Outdoor fitness can be very beneficial to your health.  Plus, we all know that summer involves bikini’s and minimal clothing when it’s so hot out, so looking great is a bonus.  I know personally, I’m not a huge fan of going into a steamy gym in the summertime, so outdoor fitness is an easy fix to get in your vitamin D and keep your bod looking great!

  • Vitamin D is a huge part of health–it helps prevent cancer and many other diseases.
  • It’s good for your skin and hair!
  • It helps absorb calcium which improves your bone health.
  • It is REALLY healthy for your immune system.
  • Fresh air feels so damn good!

Doing your fitness outdoors doesn’t just feel good; if you find a great spot with beautiful scenery, you will actually find yourself getting distracted from the “bad” feelings of working out like being out of breath and sweating.  Find an outdoor bootcamp, or go for a run outside.  Grab your bike and lose yourself, or hike up to a beautiful spot.  Fitness doesn’t always have to suck, you just need to switch it up to be enjoyable!!

If you find yourself in Golden BC, join Peak Movement in our outdoor bootcamp running Monday and Wednesday at 7pm in the Lady Grey School field, or at 9:15am Tuesday and Thursdays at the Selkirk Soccer Fields!  Drop in for $15.00, or buy 5+ sessions for $12.00 per session!