Pre-Sport/Exercise Stretching Tips

For years, we’ve been told to stretch before exercise or doing a sport.  That still holds true,  however there’s some specific ways we should be stretching before exercise-and conventional static stretching is NOT it.

Def: Static Stretching
-Static stretching is a form of stretching conventionally held for 20-30 seconds in one position.

Dynamic stretching (a moving stretch held for max 2-3 seconds) has a lot of benefits pre-exercise/sport.  It plays a huge role in your performance and injury prevention while taking part in physical activities.

  1. The main purpose of a warm up is to…well…warm up.  Increasing your temperature increases blood flow, heart rate, and prepares your body to perform.  So, putting aside 5 to 10 minutes to stretch while staying still doesn’t make much sense!  Dynamic stretching can help keep up this core temperature.
  2. Dynamic stretching can be sport specific.  Increasing your range of motion in a specific movement can help you perform better during your activity 🙂
  3. Dynamic stretching can help keep your intensity up.  Static stretching is very relaxing, …but right before you take part in a high intensity activity, it may best to leave that for later!

Static stretching has its place, but it is usually best to leave it for after your exercise, or well before your warm up.