One Hour Body Weight HIIT Workout

Summer is all about being outside…so why constrict yourself to going inside a gym for your workouts!?

This is an example of this morning’s outdoor boot camp workout!  Make sure to take it at your own pace, warm up, cool down and search the exercises if you aren’t sure!  Enjoy, and sweat! xoxo

Come try out my outdoor boot camp at the following times:
Tu/Thur: 915 am Selkirk Soccer Fields
Mon/Wed: 7pm LGES Soccer Fields

Complete 40 seconds of each exercise with minimal rest for 2 sets
1. Lateral Step Ups (20 seconds per side)
2. Push Ups (Hands elevated)
3. Bench 2 foot jumps facing the bench (Or step ups if you aren’t comfortable)
4. Tricep Dips
5. RFESS(Rear foot elevated split squat) (20 seconds per side)
6. Walking Lunges
7.Sprints or Jog

Complete each exercise twice in a row in the form of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 2 sets
1. Squat Jumps
2. High Plank In out hops(with your feet)
3. Burpees
4. High Knees
5. High Plank with feet hops into your chest (Keep your hands stationary)

Complete each exercise with minimal rest
1. Side Laying Leg Raise (Toe down)-10 each side
2. 1 leg glute bridge-10 each side
3. Tricep Push Ups (optional from knees)-10
4.Split Squats-10 each

1.Deadbugs x  20
2. Front Plank x 40 seconds
3. Reverse Crunch x 20
4. Toe Touches x 20
5. Side Plank with Hip Raise x 20 seconds per side

Finish with a slow walk and stretching your glutes, quads, hip flexors, triceps and lats!