It’s all in the hips, Happy!

I’m sure I’ve posted enough through social media lately that I’ve recently gotten into golf…I went from never really golfed to golfing 4-5 times a week really quickly…and my drive to improve my game is becoming more and more something I focus on.  I’m even devoting a lot of my exercise plan to improving my swing and my body mechanics.  So, I thought…why not share it with you guys!?

Through my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are patterns and common problems that amateur golfers struggle with in their swings.  (Mental blocks aside…this is strictly physical)

  1. Loss of proper posture/set up at some point during the swing
  2. Flat shoulder plane
  3. Early extension on the downswing
  4. Early release/Scooping–> Pre-mature release of the wrist angles during impact and downswing.
  5. Club is thrown outside the intended swing plane

So, I guess the next part is figuring out how to avoid doing these common mistakes.  I have compiled a list of exercises to help with these issues, along with shoulder mobility and upper body flexibility.

  1. Russian Twists
    Lay belly up on a stability ball, with the ball under your shoulder blades.  Hold a dumbbell with your arms straight up to the ceiling.  Engage your core as you roll to one side, bringing one shoulder off the ball.  Keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.
  2. Straight leg 1 leg deadlifts
    Stand upright with a dumbbell in your left hand. Lift up your left leg and hinge from the hips keeping your back straight, and your standing leg straight.  This will help with lower body stability, core stability and posterior chain strength
  3. Thoracic Mobility
    On all fours, place one hand behind your head.  Bring the elbow towards your opposite wrist, and then twist up as far as you can bringing the elbow towards the ceiling.  Keep your hips level and maintain core engagement.
  4. Squats, Squats, Squats
    For those who know me, know how much I love squats…Back squats, Front Squats, Dumbbell Goblet Squats; Whatever you prefer.  Squats will help your core and lower body strength while functionally helping your joints work together to create a perfect chain!
  5. Walking Lunge with Twist-Barbell or Dowel Stick
    Just like a normal walking lunge, but adding a twist when you are in your lowest point.  Twist towards the leg that is forwards.  Make sure you aren’t changing anything in the lower body, only your torso should twist by engaging your core…NOT using momentum!
  6. Scapula Control Exercise
    With a theraband(the ones that are a small circle), stand facing a wall with the theraband around your wrists.  Place your hands on the wall in front of you with straight arms at 90 degrees from your body.  From there, keep one hand in the same position, and with the other hand, take small motions to the top diagonal, side and lower diagonal.  Keep both arms straight throughout the motion and work on proper posture during the whole exercise.

Try these for 3 sets each for 10 reps.  Pair it with a proper exercise program for full body strength, mobility and balance!


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