10 steps to sustainable weight loss!

Are you that person that gets super-duper motivated, hits the gym 5 or 6 times a week, walks your dog, does yard work, throws in some jumping jacks here and there?…Ok maybe there are not many of you, but if you find yourself struggling with sustainable weight loss, this article is for you!!

There are 2 types of people..

  1. Number Driven People
  2. Healthy Driven People

Number driven people are those that are going to the gym to see the number on their bathroom scale go down.  They will eat clean, maybe yo-yo diet occasionally, get excited by workout plans that promise a smoking hot bod, and may use some dangerous supplements geared at weight loss.   These types of people may lose weight quickly, but they also quickly fall out of routine, and struggle with keeping the weight off.

Health driven people are at the gym to feel great, and the looking great comes as a bonus.  They focus on fueling their body with proper nutrition, rest when needed, push when they can, and most importantly, they don’t STRESS about it.  Fitness to them is a part of life, NOT  a task.  These people’s weight loss is steady, slow, and they always win the race 😉

Which one are you?  If you’re person number 1, then follow these simple 10 steps to be person number 2 🙂

Here are 10 tips to help you transition from number driven, to HEALTH driven

  1. Know your driving motive…your “WHY”
    Fitness becomes easier when you are working towards a why.  This “why” cannot be..I’m going to the gym because I want to lose weight.  It must be something else.  Maybe it can be “I want to go to the gym to lose weight so that I can feel comfortable in front of my husband” or, “I want to go to the gym to lose weight so that I can have less pain on my joints and be able to do the activities I want to do”.  Get it?  Finding yours is your first step!
  2. Find your team
    Whether your team is a workout buddy, or a personal trainer, having someone you are accountable to is very important to stick with your fitness.  Check in weekly with someone, or hire a trainer to keep you on track.  Either way, make sure as many people as possible are aware that you are changing your lifestyle!
  3. Journal, and Write down everything
    If you have a bad workout, write down why you think it happened.  If you totally blew your diet, write down how you’re feeling after eating the junk.  It’s also a great way to make sure you are progressing in your workouts if you write down what you did each day!
  4. Plan for success
    Eating healthy and making time for working out is FAR from being easy…If it were, our country wouldn’t be facing an obesity issue.  Plan and schedule everything.  Meal prep and scheduling your workouts is an awesome habit to get yourself into.
  5. Eat Lots of Fibre
    Fibre=Fullness.  And healthy bowels 😉  Make sure that you are eating a lot of foods with high fibre content to avoid bloating and empty stomach pains.
  6. Schedule meal times, and eat slowly
    Just like scheduling your workouts, leaving time to eat and fuel properly is also important.  Chew your food slowly, and really taste it.  Take your time, and enjoy your food.  Never eat on the go, or while you are doing something else.  You may be good at multitasking, but our brain will struggle with receiving a signal that you’re full if you’re concentrating on something else!
  7. Stay Hydrated
    Always, always, ALWAYS have a water bottle.  Staying hydrated is important to avoid confusion with hunger, as well as helping with keeping your muscles sharp and quick to repair!
  8. Exercise Regularly
    This one is a given.  Make time for your workouts.  Enjoy them.  Make them fun and challenging.  If you hate planks, don’t do them.  There’s a million ways to work your muscles.  Don’t get stuck in doing the same thing over and over again.  This is where a trainer can really come in handy by changing up your program every month!
  9. Sweat once a day
    Do something out of the gym every day that makes you sweat.  Whether its a walk with your dog, weeding the garden or fixing something around the house, just keep your body moving as much as possible…Sitting is the new smoking!
  10. Get your beauty Sleep!
    When you’re working your muscles, it is crucial to allow them to repair so that you don’t over train or get injured.  Allow for rest, so that your muscles and mind will look forward to their next workout sesh!

MOST IMPORTANTLY…have fun with it!  Don’t take yourself to seriously with your fitness regime!  It’s going to be a huge part of your life, so if you let it stress you out, and constantly think about it, you won’t stick with it.  Get in these simple 10 habits, and your weight loss will become so much easier! (You may not even realize it’s happening if you do it properly!)